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Navigating the Home Selling Journey: A Comprehensive Guide for San Diego Home Sellers

First time home seller in San Diego

Thinking about selling your home in San Diego for the first time? It's a big step, and I'm here to guide you through the process. Selling your first home can be a mix of excitement and a bit of uncertainty, but don't worry—I've got your back. Let's break down what you need to know when selling your San Diego home.

Hire an Agent (or don't)

You may be considering whether you should sell your home with a realtor or without. Real estate agents in San Diego are a dime a dozen, so finding a great realtor near you is crucial to your success. Oftentimes if you choose to sell your home on your own, you won't be saving much money. In fact over 80% of for sale by owners ended up using a real estate agent in the end. A realtor knows how to price, market, and protect you during the home selling process. Make sure you interview several local real estate agents to find the best one for you. Most real estate agents will work with you on commission fees based on your unique situation.

Findig Your Homes Value

So, the first thing to consider is figuring out what your home is worth in the San Diego market. Online estimates like Zestimate and Redfin are usually incorrect, but it can be a good start. Remember, your home is unique. We will look at recently sold homes, homes for sale you may be competing with, any updates or renovations you may have done, and create a strategic pricing plan that you will be happy with. This way, we'll land on a price that makes your property stand out.

Preparing Your San Diego Home for Sale:

San Diego's real estate game can be competitive, but no worries—I'll spill the secrets on effective home staging. From sprucing up your curb appeal to making strategic upgrades inside, we'll make sure your home is a showstopper for potential buyers. At our first meeting I will walk through your home and help you understand what items need to be fixed and which don't really matter. You will have a clear plan to follow. If you need a handyman or other professionals, I have a long list of vendors I trust. We'll chat about smart renovations that won't break the bank. Whether it's a fresh coat of paint or a strategic upgrade, we'll make your home shine.

Financial Nitty-Gritty:

Let's talk money. I'll break down all the costs—agent fees, closing stuff, and any fixes your home might need. This way, you'll have a clear picture of what to expect and can budget like a pro. My job is to get you the price you want in the time you want. The average costs to sell your house are based on the sale price of your home. Title and escrow fees are fairly set and will be part of your closing costs. I will provide a transparent outline of expected costs of selling your San Diego home.

Timing is Everything:

When's the best time to sell? This is a huge question and changes all the time in the San Diego Housing Market. We will create a timeline that works best for you as well as attracts the most amount of qualified home buyers. Knowing the ropes here will help us strategize for a smooth and successful sale.

Navigating the Negotiations

Negotiation can be a bit tricky, but I've got your back. We'll talk through offers, counteroffers, and anything else that comes our way. You'll be making decisions like a seasoned pro in no time.

Paperwork Made Easy:

Don't let paperwork stress you out. I'll walk you through the essential documents, making sure you're well-prepared and confident as we navigate the paperwork maze. I have a licensed transaction coordinator that makes this part easy.

Closing the Deal:

As we approach the finish line, we'll go over the closing process specific to San Diego. From ownership transfer to fund distribution, we'll make sure everything wraps up seamlessly. If you need a longer closing time we will get that for you. Selling your home can be seamless and easy with the right plan.

Feeling ready to kick off your home-selling journey in San Diego? If you've got more questions or need a bit of advice, just shoot them my way. I'm here to help you make your first home sale a breeze.

Tristen Campanella is a local San Diego Realtor who ranks in the top 10% of real estate agents by sales volume. She is proud of her client's success when selling their home using her custom plan.

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