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Wine, Women & Wellness

This group is for Purpose-Driven and Soul-Inspired Women!


Wellness is a total package, including finances, health, nutrition, healing, spirit, mind and body. Spend time on yourself with like-minded women and professionals who share a passion for living a full and enlivened life.


We are a community of like-minded women, professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, founders, business owners, and influencers and women who love wellness!

Each month we will have a small group meetup to build meaningful connections with each other and ourselves. I host this group from my heart, as a way to connect each other and grow in our lives!


We thrive by supporting each other, showing up, being present, and giving back.

This group is for you- I am only the host! The more we engage the more we grow!


Who is this for?

Women looking to grow their purpose, business, friendships, and expand possibilities.


What to expect:

Monthly group events focusing on self love, growth, empowerment, mindfulness, yoga, breath work, meditation, and more. Led by the community of coaches, entrepreneurs, artists and more

home buy party


Join us at Dave and Buster's in Carlsbad on Wednesday, September 27, 2023 @ 6:00 PM!

Join our team, that  helps more Homebuyers achieve their dreams of home ownership than just about any other team in California!  Enjoy light refreshments.

Together, we will teach you everything you need to know about the homebuying process including:

  • How To Take Advantage Of Today’s Market

  • Owning vs. Renting Benefits

  • How to Purchase An Investment Property

  • How To Buy And Get Below Market Interest Rates

  • How Homeowners Can Buy Their Ideal Home

  • The Current Real Estate Market In Your Area

  • How To Win Against Multiple Offers Including Cash Offers

  • How Homeowners Can Buy Before Selling Their Existing Home

  • Much More!

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