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Modern Country House

Are you ready for a holistic home buying or selling experience?

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Meet your holistic realtor, Tristen Campanella!

We take a holistic approach to real estate, which means our services go beyond mere property transactions. 

We recognize that behind every deal are individuals with spiritual, mental, and emotional needs deserving of consideration and respect. With us, clients are not just navigating the real estate process, they are being guided, educated, and supported every step of the way.  ​


Holistic real estate is a transformative and heartwarming approach to finding or selling a home. It respects the energetic bond between people and places and strives to create matches made in energetic harmony. By taking this approach and combining it with traditional real estate techniques, you are sure to love the process and reach your dreams.

We believe that HOME is not just a place where we lay our heads at night. It’s where our heart finds peace, where memories are woven, and dreams are built. In the vast world of real estate, there’s a unique approach that views the process not just as a transaction, but as a transformative journey: holistic real estate.

With Tristen, you get more than just an agent...

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Aligned Home Buying

The key to success in buying a home is aligning yourself with your heart's desire.


I  help home buyers tap into their intuition to see what their truest desires are -- a large yard, walk-in-closet, a space for hosting family gatherings -- and to find a community that will allow your soul to thrive.

Let's work together to align your plan to the vision you have for your future.

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Aligned Home Selling

You deserve to sell your home for the price you want. 


Selling can be stress-free AND generate more money for you when you have a custom plan that aligns with your goals.

Learn more about my process for clearing obstacles and energy that prevent you from getting the sale you desire. 

from clients


Andrea T.

Tristen was amazing to work with! She really had a lot of knowledge of the whole process. 

Lyndsi S.

Tristen is a passionate person who always has the best interest of her friends and clients in mind. 

Erin G.

My family has used Tristen's wonderful advice and services since 2015. 
Pampas Grass

Approachable, Professional, Creative and Efficient! This is what we stand for. 

  • Located in North County San Diego, we are focused on evolving the San Diego real estate industry.  

  • We want to make real estate personal again.

  •  We want to make something that can be stressful and complicated feel easy and streamlined.

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