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Realtor Kyrie

Heart Centered Real Estate with  Top San Diego Realtor

As A Holistic Real Estate Agent in San Diego, I specialize in providing heart-led real estate guidance to ensure your dreams come true. We are energetically aware of the home buying and selling process so that you can easily manifest the living environment of your vision.


Through my holistic home method we will align your home to sell with ease and generate the best offers for you.


My unique home buyer guidance starts with vision mapping to ensure you love your home and create the life of your dreams!

Full-Service Realty with Heart-Focused Energy Work

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The key to success in buying a home is aligning yourself with your heart's desire. I  help home buyers tap into their intuition to see what their truest desires are (a large yard, walk-in-closet, a space for hosting family gatherings, and to find a community that will allow your soul to thrive.

Let's work together to align your plan to the vision you have for your future.

You Deserve to Sell Your Home for the Price You Want and Thrive.


Selling can be stress-free AND generate more money for you when you have a custom plan that aligns with your goals.

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Approachable, Professional, Creative and Efficient are all words we want to come to mind when you think of us 

Located in North County San Diego, we are focused on evolving the San Diego real estate industry.  We want to make real estate personal again.  We want to make something that can be stressful and complicate, easy and streamlined.

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