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Does Your Agent Do this?

Choosing a Realtor to represent you in the home buying process will save you time, money, and protect you.  Remember, the seller will have their own agent.

 It is crucial for you to have an experienced Buyers Agent to negotiate on your behalf.  

What We Do For Buyers

Buyer Presentation/Consultation

  1. 1-hour buyer consultation to set goals and develop a unique plan

  2. Overview of the current housing market trends

  3. Explanation of the home buying process from start to finish

  4. Review of buyer's financial readiness and budget setting

  5. Introduction to the types of properties available (single-family, condos, townhomes, etc.)

  6. Discussion on the importance of location, lifestyle, and future plans

  7. Customization of home search criteria based on detailed preferences

  8. Explanation of agency relationships and the role of a Realtor

  9. Setting realistic expectations for the home buying journey

  10. Guide on how to prepare for potential bidding wars

Buyer Agreement

11. Explanation of the Buyer Agreement and its benefits

12. Signing of the Buyer Agreement to formalize the partnership

13. Introduction to exclusive resources and tools for buyer benifits

14. Priority access to new listings and market insights

15. Commitment to confidentiality and prioritizing the buyer's interests.

Pre Approval Process

16. Assistance in selecting the right lender for the buyer's needs

17. Guidance on gathering necessary financial documents for pre-approval

18. Explanation of different mortgage options and terms

19. Consultation on the impact of credit scores on loan terms

20. Introduction to mortgage calculators and affordability tools

Buyer Showings

21. Personalized home touring schedules based on buyer availability

22. Virtual home tours and 3D walk-throughs of properties

23. Detailed property feature sheets for each showing

24. Insights on the neighborhood, schools, and local amenities

25. Access to private, off-market listings

 How to Write a WINNING Offer

26. Workshop on understanding the Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA)

27. Strategies for making a competitive offer in a seller's market

28. Customizable email templates for submitting offers

29. Importance of earnest money deposits and their implications

30. Guidance on offer contingencies for financing and inspections


31. Coordination of general home inspections and specialty inspections

32. Attendance and support during home inspections

33. Explanation of inspection reports and identifying major concerns

34. Advice on addressing inspection findings with sellers

35. Organization of follow-up inspections if necessary

Negotiation for Buyers

36. Training on effective negotiation techniques in real estate

37. Tips on leveraging inspection results in negotiations

38. Understanding seller motivations and how to use them to your advantage

39. Strategies for negotiating closing costs and concessions

40. Role-playing scenarios to practice negotiation skills


41. Explanation of the appraisal process and its importance

42. Guidance on what to do if the appraisal comes in low

43. Coordination with the lender to schedule the appraisal

44. Preparation of comparative market analysis (CMA) to support value

45. Strategies for challenging unsatisfactory appraisal results

Buyer Closing Process

46. Timeline and checklist for the closing process

47. Review of closing documents and what to expect at closing

48. Coordination with the closing agent for a smooth experience

49. Final verification of financing and closing costs

50. Preparation for potential last-minute issues or delays

Buyer Final Walkthrough

51. Organization of the final walkthrough and what to look for

52. Checklist for verifying repairs and agreed-upon conditions

53. Coordination of utility transfers and essential services

54. Guidance on documenting any unresolved issues

55. Final confirmation of property condition before closing

Closing Day

56. Celebration and handover of keys

57. Review of post-closing documents and warranties

58. Introduction to home maintenance and care resources

59. Guidance on property tax and homestead exemption filings

60. Offer of continued support and advice for future real estate needs

61. Enrollment in a "First-Year Homeowner" support program

62. Monthly newsletters with market updates and home maintenance tips

63. Annual real estate portfolio review and consultation

64. Referral to trusted contractors for renovations or repairs

65. Invitation to exclusive real estate investment seminars and webinars

66. Assistance with property tax assessments and appeals

67. Guidance on refinancing and leveraging home equity

68. Support with future property rentals and management

69. Access to community events and networking opportunities

70. Birthday and home purchase anniversary acknowledgments


Technology and Tools

71. Access to a personalized buyer dashboard for tracking properties and schedules

72. Use of e-signature tools for efficient document processing

73. Custom mobile app access for real-time notifications and communication

74. Integration of VR technology for remote property viewing

75. Advanced analytics for comparing property values and trends


Pocket Listings: We tap into exclusive, not-yet-listed properties through our private networks, providing you first access to hidden gems. This insider access means you can make offers without the competition of the open market.


Coming Soon: Gain early insights into properties about to hit the market, positioning you to act swiftly on upcoming opportunities. This foresight allows you to prepare and position your offer more strategically.


FSBO (For Sale By Owner): We directly engage with homeowners looking to sell without an agent, uncovering unique buying opportunities for you. This direct negotiation can often result in more favorable terms and prices.


Circle Dialing: Our proactive outreach to specific neighborhoods can uncover sellers before they list, bringing you off-market opportunities. This targeted approach ensures we find properties in your preferred locations.


Landing Page Inquiries: We leverage our online presence to attract sellers, giving you access to a broad spectrum of potential homes. These digital tools enable us to cast a wider net, increasing your options.


Rental Properties: We explore high-potential rental properties that could be converted to sales, expanding your options. This often overlooked avenue can reveal properties not yet on the radar of traditional buyers.


Buyer Letters: Personalized letters crafted to engage potential sellers directly, often uncovering opportunities that aren't available to the general public. This personal touch can resonate with sellers, making them more open to selling.


Door Knocking: A hands-on approach that allows us to personally connect with homeowners, potentially unlocking exclusive offers for you. This direct engagement demonstrates our commitment to finding your perfect home.


Expireds: We monitor listings that didn't sell in their initial listing period, presenting an opportunity for negotiation in your favor. Sellers of expired listings may be more motivated and open to negotiation, offering you a better deal.


Withdrawns: Keeping an eye on withdrawn listings to approach owners who might still be interested in selling, often leading to favorable deals. These properties represent a unique opportunity as the sellers are often overlooked by the market.


Cancellations: Tracking canceled listings to quickly approach sellers who may still be motivated to sell, potentially under more favorable terms. This proactive approach can uncover hidden opportunities where competition is less intense.


Researching Past Solds: Analyzing previously sold properties to identify potential sellers interested in moving again, offering unique buying opportunities. This strategy helps us predict market trends and identify properties that may soon become available.

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