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Hi, I'm Tristen!

As a holistic realtor, I bring a unique and personal approach to the real estate journey by integrating my passion for energy work. I believe that finding the perfect home is more than just about the physical space; it’s about discovering a place that resonates with your energy and supports your well-being. By incorporating principles of energy flow and mindfulness, I help my clients find homes that truly feel right for their lifestyle and aspirations.When it comes to selling homes, I use my skills in staging and energy clearing to create an inviting atmosphere that draws in potential buyers. Thoughtful staging allows me to highlight each property's best features, making it feel warm and welcoming.

I'm Tristen


Additionally, I perform energy clearing to ensure the space feels fresh and positive, helping buyers envision their own lives unfolding in a harmonious environment. My goal is to create a seamless, joyful experience where you not only find a house but a true sanctuary that feels like home, and where your property stands out and sells quickly at its best value.

I am authentic, passionate and engaged in helping my clients find the solutions they need.  I am focused on the success and dreams of others, knowing that helping others get what they most brings success and joy to everyone.  I use cutting edge and innovative ideas and maintain an authentic and engaged perspective with everyone I meet.

I'm a Yoga Teacher, Real Estate Coach, Top Agent, Wife, Hiker, Mom, and above all, your guide in real estate.

I truly would love to get the opportunity to know you!


Why work with me?

  • Over 200 Families Served

  • Top Agent by Volume in San Diego

  • List To Sale Price Over 99%

  • Custom Holistic Home Method

  • Flexible Commission Plan

  • Full Service Real Estate

  • Staging Services

  • Handyman Services

And So Much More...

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