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Do Vision Boards Work?

I'm a HUGE fan of creating a vision board every year and putting it somewhere I can see it every day, (mine is my bedroom). But do vision boards really work?

Do Vision Boards Work?

What is a Vision Board

Vision boards are all about intentions, and they are a great way to remind yourself of what your intentions are. Vision boards are a collection of images or objects arranged in a way to help you manifest your goals or vision. This board can be physical or digital. 

Vision boards are highly versatile. You can use them to manifest your personal goals or create a visual representation of a personal vision statement. They’re perfect for helping you envision your dream life. But you can also use a vision board to outline your professional goals.

You can use a vision board for long term goals, like achieving your 5-year plan. Or you can create a yearly vision board, too.

People who use vision boards usually place them where they’ll see them often. For instance, you can place a vision board on a mirror you use to get ready in the morning. Other people will prefer to hang it on a wall in a room they use often.

What should a vision board include?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to what to include in a vision board. To start, you should add images that inspire you or make you feel a certain way. Think back to the last time you looked at an image or photo that made you feel something. How did you feel? Is this feeling something that aligns with your values?

That’s what you’re looking for when you’re thinking of what to include on your board.

Vision boards also contain quotes that align with your vision. They can be:

  • Handwritten

  • Printed and attached to the board

  • Drawn in calligraphy

  • Cut up from interesting materials, like old shirts

In addition, a vision board can contain items of sentimental value. These items can be attached to special memories you have that remind you of your goals. 

In reality, nothing is off-limits when it comes to a vision board. If it’s feasible to add it to a board, you can try it. The important thing to consider is whether it will help you manifest your vision or not.

Why they work

Vision boards let you visualize your success. By regularly looking at your vision board, you immerse yourself in a visual representation of what you want or hope to achieve. This helps create a positive and powerful image in your mind, making it easier to believe in your ability to achieve your goals.

ell, it’s not quite magic. Instead, according to BetterUp's Dr. Erin Eatough, "It is the concept that thoughts precede behavior. Mindsets drive behaviors that drive outcomes."

  • Vision boards are effective because they are a visual reminder of your intentions. This reminder can help you stay focused on your goals, even during challenging times. By consistently reviewing and updating your vision board and reaffirming your intentions, you strengthen your commitment and increase your motivation to take action.

  • Vision boards help you clarify your goals. They can then give you a clear direction for where you want to go in several areas of your life. Creating a vision board requires you to reflect on your desires and aspirations. By visually representing your goals, you gain clarity and a better understanding of what you truly want to achieve. This clarity enables you to set specific and meaningful goals that align with your vision.

  • Vision boards are a constant reminder of what your priorities are. You can get to know yourself a little better by clarifying what it is you want. 

  • This visual reminder helps you "manifest the things you want" by taking action to get them. Whenever you need to make a decision in your life, your dream board is there to remind you of what matters to you. Think of it as a nudge in the right direction.

Take some time to clarify your vision

Creating a vision board requires you to reflect on your desires and aspirations. Before you start crafting, take more than a few moments to clarify your vision. What do you want to manifest with your board? 

Get as clear as you can on your vision. Don’t rush this step. It’s the foundation for your entire board. You will find that you get even more clarity, and detail, as you create the board.

Don’t distract yourself with other entertainment during this step, like watching TV in the background or talking to a family member while thinking about your vision. It’s important to remain self-aware as you clarify your vision.

You can journal about it if it helps to write things down.

Manifestation ideas for your vision board

Now you know how to create a vision board from scratch. But it can be difficult to start when there’s so much you want to accomplish.

Let’s go over some manifestation ideas to inspire what items to add to your board.

  • Career aspirations: images from trade magazines, tools of the trade, images that represent financial abundance

  • Self-care: inspiring quotes, reminders, soothing images that inspire wellness, workout inspiration

  • Love and relationships: quotes that represent your point of view on relationships, images of loving relationships

  • Positivity: images that spark joy within you, quotes that make you feel positive and mentally fit

  • Travel: images of your dream destinations, postcards, images of planes or trains, photos of you traveling

Keep your eyes on the prize

Whatever your goals are, if you want to turn them into reality, a vision board is a fun yet impactful strategy for success. It's important to remember that you still need to put in the work to get where you want to go. Map out the steps you need to take to get you closer to your goals and use your vision board to keep you focused, optimistic and inspired.

Tristen Campanella is a Holistic Real Estate Agent in San Diego. She is also the host of The Empowered Agent Podcast and a Success Coach for Women in Real Estate. t


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