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Weekly Wellness in San Diego

Dive into one of these amazing wellness events this week! I hope to see you there.

Saturday February 3rd 2024

Join Swirl of Sound sonic wellness providers Bob Grimmick (Bob’s Good Vibes), Pablo Ledesma (Percussion and Lungs) and Andy Laub, Three Masterful Sound healers in harmony to bring you a blissful sound meditation journey using vibrations from Tibetan singing bowls, binaural rhythms of tunes quarts crystal bowls, the soothing flow of Native American flutes, the rumble of gongs, didgeridoos and other unique instruments.

Take your personal inner journey of healing relaxation and elevated consciousness with this amazing experience.

Heartsong is Divinely inspired forms of Light languages, toning and overtoning and energy work that promote one to quiet the mind, and take you on a journey within the heart for meditation, reflection, relaxation and self healing.

During this Heartsong concert, we will co create sacred space to come together in communion with Divine Source with the intention of cultivating inner and world peace. Since we are all connected, becoming one with Divine Peace within ourselves creates and expands peace globally.


Music + Healing Throat Chakra- Tristen will be there!

Join a healing throat chakra event that will help you to unblock your throat chakra, form new friendships, and awaken your inner wisdom. Feel empowered and ready to share your voice!

Sound Bath Sunday Sunset Clifs

Join us for a rejuvenating and relaxing reset event at Sunset Cliffs Blvd & Adair St. in San Diego, CA. Our Sound Healing Sunday event is the perfect way to end your week, and prepare for the upcoming one!

Our experienced sound healers will guide you through a meditative journey using a variety of instruments and sounds. The session begins with gentle stretches and guided breathwork, followed by a sound healing meditation. You will be immersed in a sonic bath that will help you release stress and tension, improve your sleep, and promote overall well-being.

Learn how meditation can help you break free of conditioned patterns of behavior and eliminate chronic stress. You will receive your personal mantra calculated using your birthdate, time and location. This is THE most powerful vibrational sound personalized to you on the planet. After instruction and practice, you will be given tools to incorporate this life-altering practice into your daily life.


Energy Balancing- Encinitas

Learn about energy balancing. Experience your own subtle energy balancing with Bamboo Garden Wellness Center’s qualified practitioners followed by an interactive Q&A and a brief meditation.


Sound and vibration has the ability to align the heart with the body, mind, and spirit. The sound can act as a gateway into the soul, bringing forth parts of us that need to be healed, and creating awareness of the aspects of ourselves that need to be seen or heard. This can be such a loving journey, enveloped in a sacred space, blessed by the alchemic sound bowls. The sound can be experienced as a deeply introspective journey or simply an invitation to relax.


This event is all about embracing the joy of making together. Let's unwind, get creative, and support each other in our journey to holistic living.


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