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Vista, CA

Only 7 miles from the Pacific Ocean. It is along state route 78 and around 10 miles away from both the cities of Oceanside and Carlsbad. Vista’s known as America’s Climatic Wonderland for its outstanding climate and is also known for having a thriving and vibrant community, with lots of exciting shops, restaurants, microbreweries, and theaters. There is plenty of culture to enjoy in this rural but active city. In Spanish, “vista” means view. 

Living in California can be pretty pricey, but Vista CA is surprisingly affordable for California. 

Vista Ca has absolutely beautiful weather. It’s temperate and always sunny, with temperatures rarely going below 39° or above 85°. Summers have an average temperature of 79° and winters have an average of 67°. So, if you are moving to Vista CA, be prepared to bask in the sunshine. Make sure to get your sandals, sunglasses, shorts, and sunscreen ready! You can get rid of your umbrellas, scarves, and beanies because it’s summertime is year-round! Perfect weather for swimming and sunbathing.

Vista, CA Neighborhoods


Alta Vista


Civic Center

Vista Village​

Pros & Cons of Living in Vista CA

Here are some of the pros to living in Vista:

  • Phenomenal climate (always comfortable!)

  • The rural feeling while being close to San Diego City Center

  • Vista CA is a safe place to live

Here are some of the cons:

  • Living in Vista (and other California cities) can get pricey

  • Not on the waterfront (although less than a nine-mile drive to it!)

oceanside fun

Discover More Vista

Vista Village is a walkable and fun shopping, eating, drink kind of town.

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