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Why Living a Value-Aligned Life creates more joy

Values are the foundation of what's most important to you. They show up in all that you do, the way you find joy, every decision you make, and every goal you set. If you aren't living a value aligned life, you're missing out on what's most important to you you. When we live out of alignment with our values, we feel stuck, lost, unhappy, burnt out and even depressed.

You cannot live your best life without your values.

We live in a world that values putting others needs over our own. But, living a value-aligned life makes you a better person for you and everyone around you. Discovering your values and living from them creates more joy, energy, compassion, excitement, motivation, patience, and empowerment. Your values, the most important compass in your life, are worth it.

So, how do you discover your values? Think back to times when you felt great? There is no right or wrong answer here. Some common ones that come up are exercise, alone time, eating healthy, spending time with loved ones. When do you feel energized? Is it when you are engaging with others, accomplishing something, deep in spiritual practice, being creative? What's the most important thing in your life? Is it connection with others? Hosting events? Engaging in self growth and learning? This can be is it financial stability, time freedom, peace.

Think back to the last time you were overjoyed, the last memory that puts a big smile on your face. Now, think, where were you? (traveling, nature, with others, in school). Who were you with? Family, friends, alone, new people? What were you doing? (learning, being in service, socializing, being creative, being quiet). Finally, what emotion did it create? (peaceful, busy, connected, capable?). Add these values to your list.

Your fondest memories can uncover your values.

For me, my memories usually come back to two things. The first one is being in nature, whether it's hiking or camping. I feel connected, peaceful, strong, joyful. I'm usually alone or with my husband or close loved ones. The second is engaging in self growth. This can be attending talks, reading a book, listening to my coach or team. I feel excited, motivated, and engaged.

Once you take some time and think on values, narrow your list to 5-7 values. Mine are

  • Balanced life

  • Financial Freedom

  • Time Freedom

  • Spiritual way of life

  • Alone time

  • Self Growth

  • Creation

  • Inspiring others

Finding your values is a process of self exploration, one that is worth the time. You are fueling yourself to live a life you love. Living from your values gives you an opportunity to make decisions you align with for your life. Your values are what's most important to you. They don't change every day. They are the core of who you are. Imagine the joy of living your life in a way that feels aligned?

Inspired by The Non-Negotiable You by Angie Wisdom


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