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8 Tips to Stay Organized This School Year

Hey there, fellow parents! Can you believe it's already time to hear that school bell ring again? I’ve got to say, it feels kind of nice to get back into the groove of a regular schedule, doesn't it?

You see, in my household, having a structured routine is pretty much the secret sauce to a happy and harmonious life, especially for my little Virgos! They just seem to blossom when things are organized and in place. It's like they can breathe easier, smile wider, and just be their wonderful selves when their world is orderly.

So, let’s chat about some down-to-earth, totally doable tips to help our kids stay on top of their game and make this school year a smashing success! Ready to dive in? Let's get to those top 8 tips to boost organization and set the stage for a truly great year ahead! These organization tips for school will help your kiddos thrive!

kids walking with school bag

Create a Homework Haven

Let's Build a Homework Haven So, the first thing we've got to talk about is setting up a super cool spot where your kids can hit the books without any fuss or distractions. Think of a place with good lighting (to keep those young eyes healthy!) and a calm vibe. And let's not forget to have all those must-haves on hand — I’m talking pencils, erasers, and all that jazz.

Routine is Our Friend

Now, I’m a big fan of routines; they just make life so much simpler, don’t they? Let's help our kiddos find their own rhythm with a daily schedule that has clear times for homework, chillaxing, and of course, a consistent bedtime to recharge those batteries. Trust me, a little routine goes a long way in keeping things smooth and stress-free.

Backpacks Need Love Too!

Alright, onto the trusty backpack — the unsung hero carrying all those books and supplies day in and day out! Let’s encourage our kids to show it some love by keeping it neat and tidy. A little clean-up here and there can ensure they always have just what they need, right when they need it. It’s all about making the next day a breeze! Best Backpacks for elementary school kids - New York Times

""Helping a child organize their world is like planting seeds in a garden; with time, patience, and nurturing, you'll see them grow into thriving, confident, and independent individuals."

Planners are a Kid’s Best Friend

Let's get the kiddos familiar with using a planner. It’s a cool way for them to note down their assignments and important dates, all while learning to be more responsible — winning!

Clothes Prep Like a Pro Morning rush?

Let’s ditch it by getting tomorrow’s clothes ready the night before. It’s all about starting the day on a chill note.

The Mighty Homework Checklist

Who doesn’t love the satisfaction of ticking things off a checklist? Let’s get the kids in on this action with a homework checklist to keep track of their assignments.

Little Rewards, Big Smiles How about setting up a little reward system?

A gold star, a praise, or a small treat can work wonders in keeping the kids motivated to stay organized.

Family Calendar Fun

A family calendar is a super tool where everyone’s schedules are visible, helping to plan family activities without any hitches.


Alright, folks, with these 8 easy-peasy tips, we're all set to help our kids have the most organized and joyful school year yet. Here’s to less stress and more success!


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