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Opening Up to Divine Love

I've just come back from an incredible weekend at Bhakti Fest 2023 in Joshua Tree, and I'm really struggling to put into words the profound reconnection I felt with both myself and Divine Love. Over the past five years, I've found myself drifting further away from the spiritual path I've walked for the last two decades. I've even started questioning whether the spirit is genuinely real, whether that inner guidance and the voice that's been tugging at my soul actually exist.

But there, in the scorching desert sun, surrounded by thousands of souls all heeding the call of their inner selves, while sitting in Krishna Das' workshop, something remarkable happened. I began to remember, to truly hear my inner voice. It struck me then that those of us drawn to transformative or spiritual journeys share a deep longing to discover something authentically real. It's what binds us together—the desire to fathom the unfathomable, to awaken to the ultimate truth; this is the heartbeat of our spiritual voyage.

My dear friend Tiffany Gorski, who spoke at my women's connection group, left me with a powerful message: "Suspend My Disbelief." She reminded us that what we perceive isn't necessarily real; it's merely a construct of our minds at a given moment. As I gazed at the sea of souls around me, all on their own quests for self-discovery, I thought, "This is real. This is truth. This is something happening to others, not just me."

Accepting this truth, this yearning in my heart for a deeper connection with the divine, inner peace, love, and joy, leaves me with a poignant question: "Can I surrender and trust that I'm genuinely being called by Spirit? Can I wholeheartedly embrace the path before me? Or will I continue to resist and sow discord within my mind, heart, and soul?"

Krishna Das, with his wisdom, reminded me that the answer lies in doing the work, showing myself grace and love, and through practice, allowing my heart to open up to Divine Love. The mind, well, it's not the most reliable place to hang out. It's brimming with falsehoods and misconceptions. Obsessing over the thoughts in our minds won't lead us anywhere. We don't need to go anywhere specific or become anyone special to receive the love of Divinity because, in truth, we are embodying it right now. Love courses through our veins, it's what we see, breathe, touch, smell, hear, and feel.

Part of my calling is to host Wine, Women, and Wellness gatherings, creating a space where others can connect with the Divinity within each other and, more importantly, within themselves. Aligning with Love means embracing everything that arises with love and acceptance. With a simple shift in perspective, we can return to Divine Love and reunite with our Inner Divinity. Thank you for being part of my personal journey, and for sharing in the profound sense of completeness that washes over us when we truly connect with our hearts.



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