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Have you heard about Savvi?

What is Savvi?

Savvi is a women’s fashion brand founded by Ken Porter & designed by Rachel Domingo. The brand’s goal is to help every woman feel exceptional while wearing clothing and has a strong focus on body positivity, inclusivity, and ethnic diversity, which I absolutely LOVE!

Savvi Lifestyle Brand

Why I partnered with Savvi

Just like you, I want to look cute and feel good every day. But I was going broke buying clothes at those big name places (you know the ones!) and the clothes they make are not good for us or the planet. I am also passionate about helping other women Live Life Empowered. My sister introduced me to Savvi and I fell in the love with the clothes immediately! I looked closer and joined as a Brand Partner- Who doesn't want to make a little extra on a side hustle. LEARN MORE ABOUT BECOMING A BRAND PARTNER.

Savvi is a community-based lifestyle brand that is dedicated to bringing people together to work together and create something bigger than we can each do alone. Believing that we can lead with love and win by serving others, the brand aims to provide products that cultivate confidence, helping our community to LOOK good, FEEL good and DO good.

While their products create an instant impact and immediate change of state, our community provides lifelong friends and opportunities to grow into the best version of yourself while you are unconditionally supported along the way. Believing that if you can't find the community you seek, you create it, our Savvi culture is something unique and is intentionally and continuously created.

I'm loving the clothes (toxic free) at 1/2 of what I'd normally pay at the big stores.

Grab a code for a $25.00 Gift Certificate!


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