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5 Things You Don’t About San Diego – But SHOULD!

If you are thinking of relocating – to North County, us seasoned locals would love to share a few must-knows with you.

Think of these info nuggets as tips to store in your brain as you navigate your way across the county. And? Welcome!

North County lies about 25 miles north of downtown San Diego.

Some people say that San Diego is like a square. The four corners hit Escondido, the La Mesa area, San Diego, and Oceanside, with North County representing the top half of the square.

In general, North County is considered to be family friendly and a good alternative to the hustle and bustle of downtown. Arguably, North County is regarded as fairly upper middle class when compared to San Diego regions east and south of the county.

North County encompasses those neighborhoods north of the 805 and 5 freeway merge. Given this definition, both coastal and inland communities comprise North County, making the region an excellent place to hike, lounge beachside, sail, and participate in nearly every outdoor activity because the topography of the area is both hilly and sea-facing, depending on where you live.

Click in the description for cities I consider North County.

Now for the things you didn’t know about moving to san diego

1. San diego is spread out. You definately need a car 2. May Gray and June Gloom 3. Not a sports town 4. Military friendly 5. Booming economy 6. Politically liberal, but with republican pockets 7. Beaches- about 70% of the top beaches are in north county

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