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3 Steps to Create More Peace in Your home

When I ask this question it can sometimes stump people. Of course we all want to live in a peaceful home. What I find most often is that there is something out of alignment when people look a little deeper into the sacred space they are living in.

Your home is the place you are most vulnerable. Home is the place where you have your most meaningful relationships. It is the safe space where you can relax and unwind. It makes sense that you would want this space to welcome you when you walk in the door.

Benefits of a Peaceful Home

A peaceful home can help prevent burnout, reduce stress, improve your health and well-being, and create a sense of safety in your home. It’s perhaps the only environment you control, so choosing to create a peaceful home can also be empowering. At home, we have the freedom and privacy to experience some of our most intimate and vulnerable moments. We can learn, grow, and share with the people we love the most at home. When you create a peaceful home, you clear the canvas for incredible memories and good health.

How do you feel when you come home?

Begin to notice how you feel when you step through your door way. Are you greeted with a sense of, "Oh it's so good to be home!", or do you feel the day coming in with you. Do you feel agitated or immediately at ease. Remember, when we notice we are not making things right or wrong, we are simply become aware of what is. This is necessary to elicit any kind of change we desire.

If you noticed you are not quite as peaceful when you come home as you like, there are some easy steps you can take that will greatly impact how much you enjoy your home.

Step One: Stop at the door and Release Your Day.

Each day we experience many emotions. Things happen outside of our control that we react to. And while we all hope we react with joy and love, that is not always the case. Any emotions you feel throughout the day are carried in your energy field. But, don't worry, it's easy to release them! Stop at your door before you enter, close your eyes, breath deeply and center yourself. Then call for the frequency of correction, out loud or in your mind. Repeat this 3 times to correct any negative thoughts and emotions you may have picked up through out your day. This simple practice removes what we don't want so we can allow more of what we want.

Step Two: Remove Your Shoes.

Most cultures leave their shoes at the door. Taking off your shoes is a physical action that marks a transition from outside to inside and shows respect for the sacred place of your home. There are other reasons as well, such as bringing dirt and bacteria in from your day, but for bringing peace to your home, this act symbolizes you cherish your home.

Step Three: Light a Candle and Play Soothing Music

Scents and sounds are two of the easiest ways to shift your mood and create a peaceful space. When our sense of smell has so much influence on how we feel, exploring a new (or perhaps your favorite) scent is the easiest, most impactful way to improve your mood at home.

Fragrance from a scented candle can influence our mood and, quite literally, our brain. In our conversation with Town & Country Magazine, we shared with readers that “scent impacts how we experience our space. It can trigger our brain receptors to respond calmly, or even with excitement or vigor.”

Choosing a playlist can help us further create the peaceful mood we are craving. Music can meet us where we are — perhaps anxious, depressed or low — and help take us to where we want to be — calm and relaxed. Pick what moves you and make music work for you.

Coming home and consciously creating your peaceful sanctuary can greatly improve your daily life. Take time and add these simple steps to your daily practice for more peace and joy. If your home is not as peaceful as you like, consider getting a Quantum Light Property Clearing to go deeper into the imprinted energy of your home and remove what no longer serves you.

Tristen Campanella is a Holistic Realtor in San Diego. She combines traditional real estate with heart led energy work and Quantum Light Property Clearing to align her clients deepest vision to match the outcome they desire.


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