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The Cravory Cookies - North County's New Sugar Rush Has Arrived

Dessert has a new name and it's called The Cravory. This genre-defying cookie mecca began in 2009 from the kitchens of Adam Koven and Nate Ransom. They would sell their mouth-watering wares at local farmers markets and ship creative cookies all over the country through their E-Commerce website. Fast forward to 2016 and on Thursday 9/1/16, they just opened up location number two. And lucky for us, it's in North County.

The Cravory

Despite the bustling cookie-crazy crowd, co-founder Adam Koven found a moment to sit down and talk about his passion for all things sweet.

"The idea started in college (University of Arizona). I enjoyed cooking and realized that while there was "Ben & Jerry's" for ice cream, there was nothing like that for cookies." he said, while swerving a couple of Grand Opening Day balloons. "Our first cookie was rosemary-balsamic and when it actually tasted good we thought 'we can do this'".

The Cravory menu offers a spread of uniquely flavored cookies ranging from a Pancakes & Bacon cookie to a rich Cream Milkshake. And the icing on the cookie? Every month "The Cravory" comes up with six new flavors to spin your taste buds into a heavenly whir. This month features newcomers Cinnamon Raisin Bread, S'more Please & Acai Bowl cookies. I took in this information while munching on a S'more Please, and I must say whatever their top-notch husband & wife cook duo, are doing, they are doing it right.

And where does the inspiration for these flavors come from?

"Everywhere," Adam said with a laugh. "Customers, employees, cooks, just fans in general."

co-founder Adam Koven

When asked about the future of "The Cravory" Adam looked optimistic, but it could've been the scent of my Chocolate Truffle wafting his way. "We are definitely still growing," He said. "We want to make it a breakfast destination and we've partnered with James Coffee to create that vision. Our next location will probably be in Orange County and of course still want to ship nationwide to our fans across the country."

The Cravory is taking the dessert world by storm, but the only way you can be sure is if you try it yourself! So head over to the new location in Carlsbad at 2675 Gateway Rd, trust me, your taste buds will thank you.

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