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3 Things to Avoid When Building a Pool

Pools, those glimmering turquoise shallows can turn any backyard into your very own personal oasis, but on the flip side, they can also be pretty daunting to actually take the plunge and build. Check out these deadly mistakes that could turn your shimmering paradise into a desert sand storm.

3 Things to Avoid When Building a Pool

Choosing the Right Pool "Container"

There are a variety of pool materials from which to choose. Concrete is the most common material used with in-ground pools but it’s also the most expensive to maintain. It’s porous, so it’s more prone to bacteria and algae growth, and it’s known to crack in severe weather changes. Fiberglass is the cheapest to maintain because it requires the least amount of chemicals to keep it clean. It doesn’t require annual draining like a concrete pool does, and the only maintenance it really requires is monthly vacuuming.

Consider the Climate

When homeowners install a pool, they often don’t consider their area’s climate. Don’t be one of these homeowners. If you live in an area with colder weather, see if you can fit an enclosure into the budget. This will extend your pool season. They can also be beneficial to people living in tropical climates where there is a lot of rain. While they aren’t a necessity in most climates, they can save you a lot of money. Hot weather will expedite the evaporation process, while windier climates will add more debris to your pool, requiring more maintenance.

Choosing the Right Person to Install Your Pool

Many companies who say they install pools have virtually no experience doing so, meaning you end up with a sub-par pool installation. Legitimate pool construction is oftentimes hard to come by, so look carefully. A pool developer should ideally have a brick and mortar location where you can visit, look at products, and ask questions. Find out if they have experience installing the type of pool you want, the experience of each staff member (including their electrical and plumbing experience), and if they’ll train you in pool maintenance once it’s installed.

Your pool is a huge investment. Carefully planning things ahead of time will allow you to spend your time and money on more important things like lounging by your new waterhole with a tropical drink in hand.

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