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Why curb appeal matters in your backyard.

When it’s time to sell your house, the importance of curb appeal cannot be overstated. But do you think about the appeal of your backyard? Making it inviting allows home buyers a chance to envision themselves enjoying the backyard, especially during warmer months.

That’s why we teamed up with to bring to you a few simple backyard ideas for adding style and upping your home’s curb appeal.

Add edging to your backyard landscaped areas

Landscape edging is a great way to create a visual appeal in an outdoor space. These small details are what that takes a yard from good to great. One of the most popular ways to create a natural looking border is by adding small rocks, pebbles, or aggregates. It’s an eye-catching way to establish a kind of frame around the space. In fact, it works great for other features too such as the patio, water features, or a grassy area. Alternatively, you can use bricks and shaped stones to create some beautiful patterns.

Invest in outdoor patio furniture to up the curb appeal

In order to make your outdoor space inviting and play up its best features, great patio furniture is essential. Discard old and worn out pieces which can be an eyesore, and give an impression that your property is not well-cared for. Instead invest in furniture pieces that matches your garden type; either casual or formal. It should blend with and relate to the yard and architectural style of your home.

Make sure that the outdoor patio furniture looks and feels comfortable to make the potential buyers feel at home.

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Creative backyard ideas for small spaces

Maximize the impact of a minimal yard by giving your space a function. For instance a large dining table for al fresco summer dining or a comfortable seating area that’s ideal for relaxation. Depending on how much space you have, consider sticking with one main function or break your backyard up into a few distinct areas. The idea is to let the buyers know how they can use the space. Also, make sure to streamline the yard design by keeping the décor items on the minimal side. This will ensure that the eyes of the buyers do not get overwhelmed and the area does not appear cluttered. Too much furniture and backyard decor can make the area feel small and cramped. If you have a pool, look at these backyard tips for pool areas.

Ensure your Backyard Landscaping Looks Welcoming

Whether it’s front or backyard, the most important thing in landscaping is maintenance. Start by cleaning up the yard, removing weeds, dead branches, pet droppings, and anything broken. Then for the backyard area, people prefer a comfortable spot to hang out. So think decks, patios, fire pits, water features, outdoor kitchens, and lighting. These things can positively impact an appraisal if they are quality construction.

Lastly, don’t forget to fix eyesores if any. You can simply do that by adding bushy or tall potted plants in front of them.

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