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the city of Carlsbad, CA is a beautiful area along the Pacific coast and can be found about 35 miles north of San Diego. It is adjacent to other great San Diego cities including Oceanside, San Marcos, and Encinitas. Few people question why so many newcomers are moving to Carlsbad every year.

Known for a variety of things, Carlsbad is frequently recognized as the Golf Capital of the United States due to the many golf manufacturing companies found in the area such as Calloway, Adidas, and Taylor-Made. This fact has helped Carlsbad earn the nickname of “Titanium Valley” as the golfing industry continues to grow.

Learning more about living in Carlsbad makes it clear why locals love the area and all it has to offer. With so many benefits and advantages of Carlsbad, there are plenty of things to talk about before deciding whether relocating to the area is right for you.

Cost of Living in Carlsbad​

Following the west coast norm, the cost of living in Carlsbad is about 92% higher than the U.S. average. But when compared to the state numbers, it is about 42% higher than the California average. While food and housing are a bit lower than the average in the state, healthcare, utilities, and transportation are higher. Carlsbad is the 5th richest city in California.

Weather in Carlsbad, CA

​​Being so close to San Diego means that the weather in Carlsbad is some of the most desirable in the entire world. This makes it easy to constantly enjoy the many fun outdoor activities around town such as Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park, Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation, and Alga Norte Community Park.

When it comes to Carlsbad weather, the temperatures only vary slightly from season to season. Summers peak at temps between the mid-60s and upper 70s, while winters cool down slightly to between the mid-40s to the mid-60s.

Carlsbad has some of the best beaches in San Diego.  When you visit any of the beautiful beaches in Carlsbad, it's easy to see why people love visiting Carlsbad and calling it home.

Image by Aubrey Odom


 Among the top things to do in Carlsbad is LEGOLAND California, a large amusement park filled with roller coasters, kid-friendly shows, and many other attractions. The attached resort has Lego-themed rooms featuring pirates, ninjas, and other adventurous styles.

LEGOLAND Califonia

Another one of the best activities in Carlsbad can be found at The Flower Fields. This seasonal location stands on about 50 acres of beautiful scenery that includes walking paths, flower gardens, plants, and other gorgeous aspects. It has a gift shop and makes for a great place to visit in Carlsbad on a nice, clear day.

The Flower Fields

Additional Carlsbad Attractions


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